Country Scorecards for Biosimilar Sustainability
Scorecards to map biosimilar policy elements to twelve countries and measure their contributions to health systems
Institute Report
Jun 29, 2020

About the scorecards

Biosimilars make an important contribution to the sustainability of health systems by providing alternatives to originator biologic products once those products no longer have patent or other forms of market exclusivity.

Across Europe, the level of competition among biosimilars differs widely by country and by molecule, as does their impact on pricing, and the extent of their use by patients. Much of this variability can be linked to differences in policy elements across health systems that contribute to sustainable market conditions for biosimilars.

This set of scorecards maps these elements per country and measures the overall contribution of biosimilars to the health system. They are a useful tool to help countries assess their current performance and identify areas for improvement.

European healthcare systems share commonalities but have specific differences which mean that policy scores should not be compared directly to each other. Therefore, ‘The Sustainable Market’ scorecard has been developed which acts as a gold-standard market by which comparisons can be made. This avoids misinterpretation or inaccurate comparison of countries.

The European Country Biosimilar Scorecards and Appendix, which provides detailed methodologies and explanations of the metrics and assessments incorporated into the scorecards, were developed by the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science with funding from the Biosimilar Medicines Group, a sector group of Medicines for Europe.

Scorecard methodology and key
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