This application provides IQVIA with the necessary information to assess your participation in the Human Data Science Research Collaborative. Acceptance into the Research Collaborative will grant academic affiliated researchers with access to selected IQVIA data technology platforms through October 31, 2020. Data access fees will be waived. Research topics must be related to the transformation of healthcare systems in the COVID-19 era.


Please note


Once you begin this application, you will not be able to save it and return to it.


Use of an email address associated with your organizational affiliation is required. Personal emails will not be accepted.


Applications will only be accepted from academically affiliated researchers and data provided under this project is intended for academic use only. Full research disclosures regarding third party involvement or funding from external sources including commercial and non-profit organizations, will be requested as part of the application process.  If you are interested in E360™ or SMART and are not affiliated with an academic institution, click here


You will see a confirmation pop-up once you submit your application and will receive an alert when your application has been reviewed. Please allow up to one week for a decision regarding your application.


Upon acceptance, researchers will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and appropriate Data License Agreements before access to IQVIA data can be granted.  

Contact if you have any questions as you are filling out this application.   

Any additional information supporting your application may be provided alongside this application.

Primary Researcher
Additional Information
Please provide a summary description of your proposed research objectives
Please describe the roles and responsibilities for each secondary user in the research project
Please provide any relevant information that needs to be considered regarding third party involvement or funding from external sources including commercial and non-profit organizations (note that data provided under this project is intended for academic use only)
The research conducted from using data received as part of the Human Data Science Research Collaborative are intended to be made publicly available in a time-sensitive manner. Please indicate the publication option(s) that you will pursue. (Examples include blog, op-ed article, NEJM Perspectives or similar, peer-reviewed publication)
Indicate the primary type of information that you anticipate utilizing for your research
If you intend on using multiple types of information, please indicate which ones from this list:

U.S. Prescription Claims

U.S. Medical Claims

France, Germany or UK Claims

National U.S. Sales Data

National U.S. Prescription

Global Sales Data

In addition to completing this form electronically, please submit your CV with your full name and institution to Your application will not be complete until you have submitted your CV.

By submitting this form you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  Information provided by you may be collected and automatically stored in our database and may be used for sending you additional information about IQVIA and our services. Such information also may be transferred to IQVIA companies in other countries.
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