Using Big Data to Build Excellent Forecasts
June 24, 2020
11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Standard Time

In the last 10 years, an explosion of real-world data has revolutionized the ability for pharmaceutical companies to understand the market for their products. If used correctly, 'Big Data' can be used to build commercial forecasts of unprecedented fidelity and accuracy. But constructing Big Data-enabled forecasts will require a new generation of tools as well as new approaches to forecasting. We examine how new forecasting technologies and workflows enable forecasters to manage the data dump and build forecasts that are more accurate and real-time while considering more factors.

Three Key Takeaways:
  • The role of big data, machine learning and real world evidence in building better forecasts
  • Practical steps forecasters can take to manage the data dump and reduce manual data manipulation
  • How increased fidelity and accuracy enable better insights


Rick Johnston, Senior Principal Consulting, IQVIA
David Wolter, Vice President Consulting, IQVIA

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