Real World Evidence: Real Results
Discover how you can leverage real world evidence in your business.
Webinar Series

April 23, 2020 - May 14, 2020

Get the information you need to better understand how real world evidence (RWE) is being applied to drive healthcare forward. From large pharma to biotech, discover how RWE is impacting decision making, and how it can be leveraged in your business to drive product value and demonstrate improved patient outcomes.

30 real world topics   |    across 7 one-hour sessions    |    in 4 weeks

Download a virtual learning series PDF for session details and specific mini-module topic synopsis.

Knowing which RWE approach is best for your business is critical across milestones and the lifecycle of your product – from clinical development to launch and commercialization. IQVIA experts will break down the components of RWE in short 1-hour sessions addressing your business challenges and questions, including:  

  • The fundamentals of RWE, including definitions, methods, strategy, and applications 
  • Using secondary data for your studies and the role of technology to maximize value while maintaining patient privacy 
  • What to know when generating RWE for specific therapy areas, like oncology and rare disease 
  • Building your target product profile with real world data as the basis for early-stage valuation and long-term success
  • Using RWE to understand the patient’s journey when designing your clinical program
  • Innovative evidence generation approaches to maximize value, save cost, and reduce site and patient burden 
  • The growing acceptance of RWE by regulators and payers to inform decision making  
Real world evidence is increasingly impacting decision making in both development and commercialization of new molecules. Learn how cost-efficient evidence generation and dissemination can help your business, augment your clinical trial programs and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.
Rob Kotchie, President,
Real World Solutions 
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