Capturing the attention of investors: How to create a compelling value story
May 16, 2018
11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Standard Time

As you think about how to articulate and advance the value of your asset, keep in mind that examining your product development program through the lens of all stakeholders, in particular your investors, is critical for success.

In this webinar, IQVIA strategic drug development experts, Tara Rheault and Bruce Basson, discuss key strategic considerations that emerging biopharma companies should tackle early in drug development to tell a clear and compelling story to investors. 


  • Understanding the specific landscape and market for your product, and aligning them with your company’s goals
  • Anchoring your clinical and (potential) commercial product goals in a target product profile
  • Mapping clinical and/or regulatory plans required for approval
  • Understanding the trade-offs related to development cost, time and risk for robust decision-making
  • Articulating asset value through a clear and differentiated value story

Walk away from this session understanding:

  • How to articulate your product vision early in development so you can focus your resources for efficient planning
  • Why and how robust design practices can inform and help you defend key investment decisions
  • Design-related trade-offs related to development cost, time and risk as they impact product value at key decision points
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