E360™: A scalable and extensible platform for delivering Real-World Insights

Faster decision making

  • Intuitive visualizations
  • Optimized tools specified for you (Trial Design, HEOR, etc.)
  • No advanced programming skills needed

Optimized research

  • Provides instant data access from thousands of data sets
  • Standard tasks automation and code list re-use
  • Power tools to accelerate statistical analysis

Lower Cost

  • No major IT investment and 60 - 80% lower TCO*
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Instant start-up with dedicated training
  • Ability to customize, extend

*Total Cost of Ownership

Access your state-of-the-art healthcare analytics solution

E360™ Data Discovery
  • Dataset exploration
  • Simple feasibility
  • Advanced feasibility
  • Dataset distribution
  • Remote access

Instant access to diverse sources of real-world data globally

E360™ HEOR & Data Science
  • Dataset exploration
  • Codelist management
  • Cohort building
  • Advanced Analysis

Power tools for deep insight from data

E360™ Enterprise
  • Tools for enterprise platform builders
  • Third party tool and data integration

Enterprise software for tailored RWI platforms

E360™ Clinical Development
  • Protocol feasibility
  • Recruitment feasibility
  • Advanced reporting

Instant global feasibility on large scale EHR

E360™ Commercial & Brand
  • Dataset exploration
  • Cohort building
  • Market grouping
  • Treatment insights

Rapid & Actionable market insight

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E360™ features the world’s most unparalleled data collection

…with over 500 million patient lives across eight countries

Example of datasets available

E360™ is powered by a growing repository of pre-built analysis apps

…tailored to the needs of each user, making it easy for anyone in your organization to understand and apply business insights

  • E360™ Dataset Explorer
    Find the next data asset for a research study or analysis. The tool allows you to search different selection criteria (such as geography, therapeutic area, analysis type, etc.) to view meta-data about specific databases.
  • E360™ Codelist Manager
    Edit complex code-lists using a broad range of medical terminologies. The tool lets you set up, edit and share definitions of therapy areas, treatments and procedures for use as patient selection criteria.
  • E360™ Cohort Builder
    Build patients cohorts in real time. The big data engine behind the user-friendly interface of E360™ Cohort Builder makes it easy to select the right patient groups to run your desired analytics, feasibility counts or trial simulations.
  • E360™ Recruitment Feasibility
    Leverage Real-World Data to produce recruitment simulations for medical trials. The tool aids predicting potential study recruitment success rates using multiple criteria, such as site numbers and readiness, screening success rates and study periods.
  • E360™ Treatment Insights
    Standard analytics — Source of Business, Line of Therapy, Persistence, Compliance, Co-Medication and Patients on Drug. The tool enables to design your own groupings to focus on the market segments that interest you, change your analysis time frame, gap size and other analytic settings.
  • E360™ Python Analytics Workbench
    Bring the analytical power of Python, R (or similar) to the E360™ Platform. A fully independent set of applications that run either as an online service, or on your desktop, but have the ability to integrate and publish to your E360™ workspaces.