Bring your breakthroughs to patients faster

Your study is unique and the stakes are high.  We want to make your success our priority.

At IQVIA, we are using unparalleled real-world data and advanced technologies to dramatically improve clinical trial performance.  Application of these capabilities has demonstrated a 72% increase in the speed of site identification, an 18% reduction in non-enrolling sites and 60% faster patient recruitment rates.

Using therapeutic and operational expertise, IQVIA brings clarity and predictability to the design and start-up processes.  Advanced analytics and automated workflows improve efficiency and quality.  And we enable proactive trial approaches to address potential regulatory and operational issues before they affect your trial.

  • Benefit from advances in data science and healthcare expertise to increase the speed and predictability of your trials.
  • Start with the latest understanding of current treatment patterns and practices in your specific therapy area and target markets.
  • Put technology and information into the hands of your team to empower them along every step of the trial process.

Advances in scientific understanding and analytics create new opportunities to make research and development more precise, faster and more predictable. Powered by the IQVIA CORE™, you can take full advantage of those opportunities without sacrificing the commitment of our team to stay focused on your study, on your success.