Executing Superior HCP Engagements in Uncertain Times
Matthew Gallo, Director, Global Sales Excellence
Jun 19, 2020

In today’s dynamic life sciences industry, there are market and demographic changes, and now digital transformations resulting from COVID-19, all affecting how life sciences companies are engaging with healthcare professionals and organizations. In an era of growing regulatory requirements, transparently managing and developing these relationships is vital to commercial success.

With fewer HCPs entering the market and an ever-widening array of virtual communication options available, cultivating these engagements is crucially important — and executives need the kind of tools up to the challenge. They need coordinated cross-channel strategies to facilitate and automate engagement, and adaptable tools that make this possible.

A multifaceted commercial strategy that allows for the return of in-person touch points, as well as the agility to increase digital touch points is the key to facilitating these relationships. Tools that fail to focus on the HCP experience put companies at a competitive disadvantage. All too often, compliance, medical, sales and marketing teams may find themselves working with solutions that lack point-to-point continuity or cannot be effectively accessed across silos, and that are neither informed by nor facilitate objective-shaping data.

A commercial strategic solution that doesn’t gather and analyze data is only doing half the job. The orchestration of how a life sciences company engages with any individual HCP should be predicated on analytics that pull together data points gleaned from customer relationship management, clinical trials, promotional and marketing activities.

When combined with predictive analytics, this bevy of data can provide meaningful guidance for manufacturers who need to know:

  • What kind of content individual HCPs will be most receptive of
  • Which communication channels to use and
  • When messages should be communicated

Since the ultimate goal is to execute more effective HCP engagements, life sciences companies need to adopt a comprehensive strategy that integrates mission-critical business processes and rules. Increasing automation enables compliance and commercial stakeholders to achieve more efficient resource utilization and more consistent, effective HCP engagements of all types.

Unlike piecemeal tools or silo-centric applications, an integrated offering needs to include communication tactics embedded within a framework that addresses compliance issues like fair market value, transparency reporting, and on-going risk monitoring.

IQVIA’s seamlessly integrated suite of solutions enables life sciences professionals — from compliance managers to sales and marketing teams — to craft and build out plans how and when they can identify HCP communication channel preferences in order to facilitate deployment of fewer and more meaningful touch points.

For more information about IQVIA Commercial Compliance, please email commercialcompliance@iqvia.com or visit our webpage. Our experts leverage the industry’s leading technologies to deliver streamlined processes and improved efficiencies that solve your toughest engagement and transparency challenges. From automating and managing the entire HCP/O contracting lifecycle, to capturing, collecting, and reporting global spend, to planning efficient and compliant HCP meetings and engagements—discover how our solutions can make compliance easier for you.

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