Digital Technologies Power Remote HCP Engagements
Matthew Gallo, Director, Global Sales Excellence
Jun 19, 2020

As COVID-19 accelerates the adoption of digital solutions, the life sciences industry is challenged to adapt with tactics and tools that facilitate relationship-building with HCPs where, when, and how it’s most strategic.

The key to positive HCP reception is messaging that stands out from the pack combined with targeted delivery that aligns with an HCP preferred communications channel. Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are pressed to create an environment in which their messaging can be optimized.

Building trust through insight-driven engagement

There is a lot to get right, and the stakes are high. Companies need tailored content, channel and frequency of messaging to empower their intended audience, whether that consists of HCPs, HCO representatives or KOLs to make better healthcare decisions.

An omni-channel strategy that incorporates the latest digital technologies platforms is imperative. We need to calibrate frequency and timing of messaging to avoid information overload. With the growing ubiquity of digital communications methods, understanding the communication preferences of targeted HCPs is just as important as getting the messaging right. Consider:

  • What medium do they prefer?
  • When are they most likely to read a message?
  • What message length performs best?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analytics can empower organizations to refine their digital strategies by delivering actionable insights embedded directly into the project and workflow management process.

Improving business efficiencies and enabling compliance

Life sciences companies face escalating uncertainties and cost pressures, such as decreased engagements (including remote interactions) with HCPs, higher R&D investment demands and cuts to price and reimbursement levels – which all lead to shrinking margins. The industry needs digital solutions that unify business processes for HCP/O engagements while enabling a 360-degree view of the customer. Combined with AI analytics, a single platform for engagement management maximizes ROI by:

  • Performing real-time cost tracking and cost containment
  • Requiring fewer high-cost touchpoints with HCPs while delivering more impactful engagements
  • Simplifying a technology ecosystem and reducing IT costs with one engagement platform and
  • Diminishing manual burdens across the organization

Orchestrating engagements across the enterprise

HCPs need more support than ever to ensure they know what products to evaluate and how to deliver the best, most efficient care to their patients. But new data and new channels are creating exhaustion and crowding out insights with information overload. At the same time, life sciences companies are seeking virtual strategies that empower them to maximize HCP engagements with fewer budgetary resources.

At IQVIA, we can deliver the tools, technologies and analytics capabilities you need to rise to the challenge, delivering the right insights at the right time. Our experts leverage the industry’s leading technologies to deliver streamlined processes and improved efficiencies that solve your toughest engagement and transparency challenges. From automating and managing the entire HCP/O contracting lifecycle to capturing, collecting, and reporting global spend and planning efficient and compliant HCP meetings and engagements—discover how our solutions can make compliance easier for you.

For more information about IQVIA Commercial Compliance, please email or visit our webpage.

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