Drive a Virtuous Cycle of HCP Engagements with Smart Customer Profiles
Christopher Simone, Director – Offering Management, Global Technology Solutions
May 07, 2020

Proliferating sales and marketing applications and channels generate massive amounts of information about healthcare providers (HCPs), providing commercial teams with a trove of potential insights. Those HCP details include opt-in topics and communication preferences, willingness to see reps at particular call times, prior interaction details and responses, and data about brand web page visits.

At the same time, speed is imperative in the commercial launches and ongoing GTMs for medications. Organizations aim to seize opportunities and adapt quickly to market events. So how do life science companies both apply information about prior customer behaviors and capitalize on market dynamics to drive more tailored and effective HCP engagements?

We at IQVIA Technologies believe that commercial operations teams need a comprehensive solution that manages digital as well as personal touch points. A solution that performs targeted segmentations and builds multichannel engagement plans tailored to the interests of each HCP. Above all, a solution that adds a set of strategic planning capabilities to customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and other GTM execution applications.

To address these requirements, we are introducing a new member of the Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) suite of cloud-based applications, OCE Optimizer. OCE Optimizer extends the OCE platform by tackling the complexity of allocating commercial resources across channels to interact with multiple customer stakeholders.

At the heart of OCE Optimizer is an extensible data model that provides a repository of essential HCP/O information. Rather than just static records, these customer profiles evolve based on industry news, market changes, and prescription sales reports. When a new indication is announced, a large medical center acquires a primary care network, or a specialty drug is underperforming in an important territory, OCE Optimizer incorporates those factors into a realignment or the next segmentation.

Similarly, prior HCP interaction outcomes and communication preferences continuously refresh customer profiles. For example, a proposed key opinion leader in CRM, a high-potential pulmonology practice identified in an inside sales report, and a dozen new leads nurtured in a marketing application are all inputs to customer profiles.

OCE Optimizer is engineered to handle and draw insights from these evergreen profiles. The HCP profiles absorb information from new sources with pre-built connectors that integrate additional data sets, ensuring that sales operations teams see the most-current 360-degree views of HCPs and HCOs. The underlying platform also offers the scalability and high performance to process multiple data sources, conduct frequent realignments, and meet surge processing needs such as an end of year realignment.

The solution goes a step further by using IQVIA’s Ada Artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret changes in customer profiles and generate smarter customer profiles as new data is continuously fed into the system. AI algorithms crunch the expanding HCP profiles and synthesize insights that are difficult to spot such as a single under-prescribing physician in an otherwise strong practice, a geographical outlier, or a recent trend of specialists in a managed care organization restricting face-to-face sales visits.

These constantly refreshed HCP/HCO profiles drive course corrections to field alignments, segmentations, and engagement plans. Such ongoing refinements help ensure organizations are engaging customers in more relevant and timely ways while allocating commercial resources most effectively.

OCE Optimizer delivers technology for companies to take full advantage of their commercial resources and channels by planning individualized and orchestrated customer interactions. This includes native integration with OCE Sales and OCE Marketing. Learn more about OCE Optimizer HERE

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