Global pharma company partners with IQVIA to modernize field alignment
Organization Manager provides flexibility, availability, and lower overhead
Neena Hegde, Product & Strategy Director, Organization Manager
Jan 01, 2020
Keeping a sales organization running efficiently means having the ability to pivot quickly when business changes or opportunities arise. If your field sales alignment systems are cumbersome, you may not get a second chance to adapt to market events.

For years, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company had been using a cobbled-together solution of makeshift and homegrown systems to manage field sales alignment. This solution only accommodated one or two annual realignments. To further complicate things, the system was also subject to lengthy “blackout periods,” in which parts of the system would be unavailable due to maintenance. Usability was low, and the IT overhead became cost prohibitive.

Struggling to keep up with the speed of pharma

With physician affiliations changing, specialty drugs emerging, and the overall speed of the industry accelerating, the company urgently needed a high-capacity system for worldwide use, and IQVIA stepped forward with a solution. IQVIA Organization Manager was deployed to modernize and globalize field alignment for the company’s increasingly complex HCP ecosystem. Organization Manager enabled the customer to conduct up to four major sales realignments annually, thanks to a set of pre-defined rules and trusted operational data. And the company gained the capacity to handle multiple

SaaS solution provides flexibility

After a successful migration in the U.S. affiliate, IQVIA rolled out Organization Manager globally. The results were significant:
  • Consolidated processes into a solution that aligned 25,000 sales professionals across multiple brands in 70 countries
  • Eliminated downtime associated with system maintenance periods
  • Simplified modifications for managers needing short-term realignments
  • Reduced IT overhead through improved scalability, performance, and reliability

The company was extremely pleased with the outcome. “Organization Manager is so robust now that local offices can perform realignments at any time during the year,” said an Associate Consultant in the company's Business Unit IT group.

Learn more about Organization Manager and IQVIA’s other Sales Force Effectiveness solutions.

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