View Content and Annotations Outside of IQVIA™ ePromo Without License
Julian Backhouse, Associate Director, Offering Management
Mar 28, 2019

Peter traffics communications between the marketing team and the digital agencies who produce work for him. Alpha Pharmaceuticals does not have their agencies actively working in their system. Peter has been struggling to effectively summarize and communicate the changes he requires to be made to his material; using the tools that his current system provides.

He knows there must be a better way to provide agencies and studios with the visibility to view his materials and provide access the actual comments made during the review process.  He also wants to avoid spending more of his precious budget on ‘another’ set of licenses for agency users and has found the perfect answer.

IQVIA™ ePromo ‘Stand-Alone Review’ gives Peter’s agencies the clarity they require. He sends them a review package that is displayed within the very same portal that reviewers made their comments within earlier.  And because agencies have access to this without needing another license, it’s a real win-win situation that saves time, reduces costs and provides members of his digital supply chain with another real-world innovation from IQVIA™.

Peters agencies can:

  • Interact with the content by paging, scrolling, panning and zooming
  • Expand the display of content by hiding the Workspace panel  
  • Filter/view types of annotations (both comment and referencing link annotations)

ePromo has reimagined what was an old, clunky and painful process for Peter.  He is now enabling his suppliers to drive speed into their response times with greater accuracy, reducing review cycle times and frequency.

To find out more visit ePromo or contact us.

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