Streamline Campaign Management with IQVIA™ ePromo
Charlotte Brenton, Sales Engineer, Commercial Excellence
Mar 28, 2019

Jerry is a Brand Manager for Lipiva, a new blood pressure medication awaiting marketing authorization.  He needs to monitor the progress of each piece of launch content and all of their supporting materials, references and assets in order to answer the key question of “Where are we with this campaign?” and “When will my launch materials be ready for submission and ultimately, use?”. 

To answer these basic questions today, Jerry gathers most of his information manually.  This is either via his electronic approval system - with manual workflow monitoring for all pieces - or, in some cases paper/ email based, with informal follow ups with the individual reviewers. This is a time-consuming and error-prone process to answer the question – What is the progress of my campaign? 

ePromo now has a campaign management function.  This eliminates the need for manual, time consuming monitoring.  ePromo’s campaign management capabilities includes a Campaign Home Page which details key information for each campaign including Campaign Description and Campaign Metadata, access to view and download each Campaign piece and a Campaign Progress chart.  The Campaign Progress Chart graphically provides a picture of Jerry’s entire campaign, with easy view of the progression of his pieces.  

Thanks to campaign management, Jerry delivers his product launch materials on time, helping Olanda Pharmaceuticals get a clear head start.  

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