Share and Access Brand-Specific Information with IQVIA™ ePromo
Helen Woodruff, Sales Engineer, Commercial Excellence
Mar 28, 2019

Jane is a Global Brand Manager for Glipzia which treats type II Diabetes. It is Jane’s responsibility to ensure that Global Affiliates and the Management Team are aware that new promotional content for Glipzia has been developed and approved for use at Global HQ level, in addition to sharing announcements and key brand information.

In order to achieve this today, Jane may need to:

  • Locate her list of contacts external to the CMS
  • Provide key brand information 
  • Download the approved content and any related assets and attach to the communication
  • Manage the communication externally, meaning it is untraceable 

Jane knows there must be a more efficient way of sharing brand updates and other key information with her Global Affiliates and Management Team.

The latest release of IQVIA™ ePromo introduces the Brand Home Page and Brand Portal for Glipzia, equipping Jane with the tools she needs to streamline and centralise her brand communication.

The Brand Home Page provides a central location and simplified interface for viewing brand information and browsing brand-related content for possible reuse or for other purposes.  With the correct permissions, it can be accessed by the Global Affiliates and Management Team Jane works with. The Glipzia Brand Home Page displays several cards that provide an at-a-glance view of key Glipzia information. Certain cards provide interactive capabilities, allowing Jane to drill down to find details or communicate with Glipzia contacts in a single click. Jane can manage the information presented on the Brand Home Page for Glipzia, including:

  • Brand Description
  • Brand Information - provides key brand information such as description, products, therapeutic area, indication/population/dosage, etc.
  • Contacts – displays brand contacts and contact details
  • Brand Library – provides a direct link to all brand-related Pieces in the Library
  • Announcements – displays brand announcements made by Jane
  • Quick Links – displays links that navigate to filtered assets in the Library, useful for providing team members with quick access to specific assets of interest

Brand Pieces – displays a thumbnail of each approved Piece associated with the brand in a carousel, allowing the Global Affiliates and Management Team to rotate through Pieces which are either approved, recently approved or featured. As the Brand Manager, Jane is able to tag approved brand Pieces as ‘featured’.  A carousel allows a user to see what’s new or to view featured pieces– or to review all available pieces.

IQVIA™ ePromo also provides a Brand Portal that can serve as a gateway to brand information for limited access users. The Brand Portal displays the brand logo, brand name, brand description, and associated products for each active brand the user has access to. Selecting the logo for a brand takes the user to the Brand Home page.

Jane has reported that using the Brand Home Page and Brand Portal as a method of communication allows her to deliver announcements and key information to colleagues across the globe in a centralised and efficient manner, reducing time and effort. Jane can now spend more time developing new content for her brand. 

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