Promote Efficiency with the New IQVIA™ ePromo Bulk Move Annotations Feature
Paula Birch, Technical Writer
Mar 28, 2019

Providing adequate references for claims made in promotional and medical pieces is essential for ensuring that their accuracy and compliance can be quickly evaluated during review.  But anyone who has been responsible for maintaining these references through the development cycle of a piece knows how time-consuming it can be to ensure that they remain attached to the correct text excerpt, image, or table as a piece is changed to incorporate comments.

Christine is responsible for revising an internal sales aid to address feedback she’s received during the MLR Review process. She downloads the 53-slide PowerPoint file, that has been annotated by reviewers, from her content management system and makes the following, minimal revisions:

  • She adds two new slides to the beginning of the presentation as an introduction.
  • She removes a redundant slide (slide 46).

Christine is able to complete these revisions in a timely manner. However, she is worried that the process of reattaching annotations to the file in her content management system will be anything but timely. Because the revision contains new slides, text and images from the prior version are now in different locations in the new version. For example, all the text and image content that was on slide 1 is now on slide 3, as two new slides have been inserted in the beginning of the deck. This means that all annotations for that content (the old slide 1) also needs to be moved to the new location (the new slide 3).

The latest release of IQVIA™ ePromo addresses this issue with the Bulk Move Annotations feature. Once the new version has been uploaded, Christine enters the specific page numbers added and removed in the new version, clicks Finish, and ePromo takes care of the rest.  

Based on the page numbers entered, the system calculates the new placement of each annotation and automatically moves the annotations to the same coordinates on the appropriate page. Annotations on removed pages are moved to the last page of the new version, where Christine can individually review them and determine the best course of action.  
Bulk Move Annotations is a real timesaver for Christine, enabling piece turnaround in a matter of minutes instead of hours and helping to reduce the overall review cycle time.

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