Make Video Review Easier with IQVIA™ ePromo

March 28, 2019
Maura Wiswall, Manager, Product Management
Judy is the brand manager for Tetria, a hypotension drug at Alpha Pharmaceuticals. Judy’s review team struggles with reviewing and approving digital video and audio content in their existing process; instead they manage the review of these items outside of their current review system, which impacts on their audit trail.

IQVIA™ ePromo has Judy’s solution.  ePromo supports the ability to upload, store, review, approve, and disseminate Judy’s video content.  ePromo’s design facilitates end to end video lifecycle management.  

Judy can easily upload video content, using features like browse, drag and drop, or import.  Judy can add reference links to the exact timestamp frame they relate to, making it easy for her review team to check the claims. 

ePromo’s video viewer controls provide consumer level functionality – with features including adjustable playback rate so video frames can be checked at a detailed level. Annotation dots show on the timeline, making it easy for reviewers and Judy to see where other team members have made comments.  

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