Three Things to Look for When Choosing a TDDD Solution
Ana Veiga, Product Manager
Jul 03, 2018

Ohio’s Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs (TDDD) licensing is one symptom of a perfect storm facing the life sciences industry in North America. And as pharmaceutical companies try to find the best way to comply, it will be crucial to choose not only a solution that effectively and efficiently addresses TDDD but a partner whose data, expertise, and technology can provide peace of mind while they navigate the shifting compliance landscape.

How did we get here?

In recent years, several social and political factors have converged to produce an environment of increased attention on pharmaceutical companies. The opioid crisis is causing citizens to demand restricted access to prescription drugs, and to call on elected officials to legislate more transparency from drug manufacturers and distributors. Meanwhile, state and local governments are under pressure to increase penalties.

This has led directly to regulations like TDDD, which, if they are not addressed intelligently, could have a potentially negative impact on the relationship between field reps and their customers. If taken into consideration when tackling TDDD, the three factors below should lead to a solution that provides peace of mind for both reps in the field and the companies they work for.

1. Intelligent data

When it comes to establishing and maintaining trust between a rep and his or her customers, the data being used has to be accurate and up to date. The right data vendor will understand the complexities inherent in regulations like TDDD and will know how to best integrate, validate, and display that data in a way that’s timely and actionable, so that when your reps drop off a sample, they’ll have the confidence of knowing the location has been thoroughly validated.

2. Dedicated compliance expertise

The complexity of the regulatory landscape is perhaps second only to the pace of change. The more robust the team is that is dedicated to monitoring and understanding changing or emerging legislation, the faster a company can get on top of new requirements like TDDD by rapidly adapting its products and solutions and by educating its customers on how to stay one step ahead of the competition.

3. Technology options to suit your workforce

Purpose-built, mobile-first CRM solutions are quickly becoming table stakes in the life sciences industry because they are designed to support best practices and procedures. But it’s essential to equip your mobile workforce with the best, most secure solution that is both compliant with current regulations and flexible enough to fit the way you and your reps work. 

The bottom line

Whether other states adopt legislation similar to Ohio’s TDDD remains to be seen. But given the cultural and political pressures being put on drug companies, new regulations are sure to happen—and they’ll carry with them the potential to disrupt the way you do business. When choosing a partner to help navigate this environment, paying attention to the quality of the partner’s data, the depth of its compliance expertise and the flexibility of its technology will help your organization grab the competitive advantage.

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