Reporting Insights
Ed Barret
Feb 15, 2018

Every life sciences marketer knows the success of a campaign hinges on the numbers. Whether launching a new drug to market, informing health care providers about formulary changes, or surveying Contacts to learn about unmet needs, marketers need key performance metrics to understand what’s been effective and what’s not been so. With access to the right information, numbers are a strong ally for making future marketing decisions and guiding investments.

The trick is choosing the best numbers and reports that will showcase your results.

“Not So Standard” Standard Reports

Nexxus Marketing provides out-of-the box access to a collection of predefined, standard reports.  Nexxus Marketing reports include key performance metrics. IQVIA product experts worked with our customers to confirm those metrics that are most useful to them—what works best in the day-to-day business of our customers. While other multi-channel marketing (MCM) platforms may provide reporting, in many cases the standard Nexxus Marketing reports are different.

First, Nexxus Marketing Standard Reports are highly configurable. The Journey report, for example, starts with a topline summary of key metrics for all Journey traffic. Want to move from general to specific? Simply select one of your Journeys and drill down to isolate on its unique metrics.

Second, every standard report can be paused, configured for new filters, then run. Unlike some other MCM vendors’ reporting platforms, Nexxus Marketing doesn’t require you to submit a report request, then wait for it to be sent to you later at an email address or FTP server. Nexxus Marketing’s standard reports allow you to use the Pause control at the bottom of every report, so you can set your filters before running your report. This control is a good best practice to keep in mind as it helps you focus your report data pulls and avoid “boiling the ocean”. As a result, you can speed report rendering on-screen so you can move quickly to print or download the reports you need to help maximize your results.

Third, Nexxus Marketing standard reports are based on templates built by experienced life sciences marketers. We have brought these reports to life using Nexxus Insight Builder (NIB), our co-branded self-service reporting application that was created in partnership with Tableau Software, the market leader in reporting and data visualizations.

Nexxus Insight Builder -- Self-Service Reports using Tableau

Every Nexxus Marketing customer account is given the NIB client application as part of their Nexxus Marketing account. This feature allows you to use Tableau’s best-in-class reporting and visualization tool and Nexxus Marketing Contacts and transaction data to replicate standard report templates with new visualizations that better showcase your business insights. Report authors can use this tool to meet the specific look and feel that will appeal most to your key stakeholders.  You can use bar charts, geographic maps, scatter plots and heat maps, making it easy for readers to instantly grasp the trends, identify outlying data, and compare results.

Whether your needs are met with out-of-box reports, or you choose to follow a path of self-discovery to uncover new insights, Nexxus Marketing has the reporting capabilities and tools you need to easily showcase and demonstrate the results of your campaigns.

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