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Ed Barret
Feb 15, 2018

How Nexxus Marketing’s Webhooks feature transforms simple email campaigns into robust, multi-channel experiences.

Capturing the attention of busy healthcare professionals is never easy -- and sometimes an email alone isn’t enough. To be effective, marketers in the life sciences industry have to take advantage of all the tools and technologies in their toolbox to engage their audience where and when they will be most receptive to content.

In a previous blog we talked about the value of Nexxus Marketing Journeys, and how marketers can use this tool to customize their campaigns. Journeys allow you to create customized paths for your audience to follow based on their needs and response to the initial content.

Webhooks allows marketers to use their existing partnerships and tools to expand their range and depth of channels. It’s extends the reach and impact of a campaign by allowing you to utilize third-party vendors in your Nexxus Marketing Journey.  This results in a more vibrant multi-touchpoint experience that emanates from a single customer engagement.

How it works

A Webhook is a piece of code embedded in an email or other digital marketing material that triggers an action in response to an action. For example, if a recipient clicks to sign-up for an event, that action could trigger a Webhook to send that recipient’s contact information to a call center for a follow-up call, or put them on a list to receive a direct mail about the event, or capture their information in your customer relationship management system. Webhooks even has some dynamic capabilities that enable marketers to evaluate individual scenarios and push the right data accordingly.

All of this data is captured and distributed in real time, so you can see the impact of your campaigns in real time, and make proactive adjustments to drive better results.

Why you should care

Marketers who take advantage of Webhooks can expand their communications channel options in order to interact with customers via multiple touchpoints. This makes the content and the communication process more engaging.

It also eliminates a lot of the busy work spent manually monitoring results, and transferring data from one system to another, which is a key obstacle for marketers. When a company’s marketing function relies on a patchwork of siloed databases and software systems, it can be difficult for the marketers to coordinate customer interactions across brands and between teams. This prevents the company from fully benefitting from its institutional knowledge, and from providing the most relevant and valued content and communications to their customers. 

How to get started

All Nexxus Marketing customers have the ability to turn on Webhooks. The only requirement is with the connecting third-party channel or app vendor, which must have a Webhook interface called a REST API. This means the vendor has the capability to perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocols. Once you have confirmed your third-party vendor has a REST API, you can enable Webhooks under the Nexxus Marketing Manage Accounts menu, and get started right away. 

The Nexxus Marketing Help Center offers simple tips on how to create a Webhook and incorporate it into a Journey. We recommend your team have some basic developer skills or seek out additional tech support from your in-house IT department to develop the perfect Webhook.  You can also work directly with IQVIA™ to craft your perfect Webhook journey.

The nice thing about this Nexxus Marketing feature is once a Webhook is configured it can be reused over and over again for future Journeys. And, you can easily reconfigure your Webhooks to adapt them to changing campaign needs.

By precisely segmenting existing and potential customers, and delivering personalized and non-personalized messages, Nexxus Marketing customers can realize the value of their data in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Webhooks is just one more way this solution helps marketing teams meet the evolving needs and communications preferences of their customers.

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