Patient Affordability and Engagement

Increasing patient access to your brand requires engaging and educating eligible patients and health care professionals on the details of your therapy as well as removing the burden of cost from the patient.
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Increase patient access and adherence.

IQVIA not only offers the insights and strategic know-how for designing patient affordability and engagement programs, but also the capacity to seamlessly implement, manage and optimize these programs to drive adherence and maximize the performance and profitability of your brand.

  • Acquire more patients, keep more patients on therapy, and reach TRx goals. IQVIA's Opus Health division can help you design a truly optimized co-pay program, customized to the unique needs of your brand and adaptable to the many challenges facing today’s manufacturers, including generic competition, formulary changes, and the increasing out of pocket expenses taken on by patients.
  • Positively impact adherence. IQVIA can help you build long-term relationships with patients and prescribers to make sure they understand treatment benefits and necessary lifestyle changes. Use the right mix of communications channels and resources to match the patients’ preferences, including Clinical Nurse Educators capable of working directly with patients, to drive improved adherence.
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Patient Affordability and Engagement Solutions
OPUS Health

Drive access through patient-centric reimbursement programs.

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