Healthcare Compliance Services

How do you fulfill your company’s compliance obligations with limited resources? It’s a question all compliance professionals ask. IQVIA has has the answer.  Whether limited in terms of time, staff, budget, or a combination, IQVIA is who life sciences companies turn to for a cost-effective option to outsource some or all of its compliance functions.
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Fulfilling your compliance obligations and safeguarding your organization.

In an effort to guide companies in prevention and reduction of fraud and abuse in federal healthcare programs, the government has outlined the fundamental principles that it believes are imperative to an effective healthcare compliance program.

IQVIA can assist you in assessing, designing, implementing and/or managing a healthcare compliance program that incorporates industry best practices, guidelines set forth in the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’s (“OIG’s”) Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (also applicable to device manufacturers), and other government pronouncements which could be applicable.

Companies can outsource to IQVIA all compliance functions or simply pursue an “a la carte” approach to fill specific compliance needs or gaps. Services include:

  • Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Auditing, Monitoring and Training
  • Fair Market Value
  • Field Force Monitoring (sales rep “ride-alongs”)

In addition, we offer a full suite of outsourced Transparency (aka “Sunshine” or “Aggregate Spend”) services. For budgets big and small, we have an option that will work for you.

Contact us and let’s put our expertise to work for you.

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