Prescription Drug Marketing Act Compliance

IQVIA offers a full continuum of sample accountability solutions to prevent drug diversion, optimize sales force effectiveness, and maintain compliance with Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA).
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Drive compliance and accountability with your sampling program.

The regulatory landscape continues to shift. Federal and state governments are adding new layers of complexity. You need to make sure that your sample management program is compliant with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA). And you need efficient processing of reconciliations, timely state and federal reporting, and responsiveness to the sample needs of your teams in the field.

IQVIA offers a full continuum of sample accountability solutions to prevent drug diversion, optimize sales force effectiveness, and maintain compliance with PDMA. Services include:

  • Sample Management & Accountability: A comprehensive sample management technology solution that easily integrates with numerous CRM providers and delivers a 360-degree view of all sample and coupon activity by HCP. A web-based interface sends alerts when discrepancies in transactions, inventory, or inspections occur.
  • Sample Reconciliations: Using our Part 11-validated sample accountability software, our experts help provide visibility into your sample compliance programs by offloading the administrative burden of the entire sample reconciliation process as required under 21 CFR Part 203.
  • Field Inventory Services: Strategically located inall 50 states and Puerto Rico, our specialists can help you account for valuable field assets and comply with FDA regulations through services such as independent annual and random inventories, closeouts, and for-cause audits.
  • Sample Fulfillment and Distribution: Storage, warehousing and direct-to-rep and direct-to- practitioner distribution services provided through a strategic partner with strategically located, best-in-class storage and distribution facilities.
  • Sample Distribution and Allocation Optimization: A technology solution with advanced analytics for tracking drug sample inventory across sales reps to help determine right balance among inventory levels, customer demand, costs and cycle times.
  • PDMA Consulting: A full range of customized consulting, facility reviews, documentation development and training for your staff on all things PDMA.

Learn more about how our sample management solutions helped enhance compliance, efficiency and customer care.

Contact us and let’s help you easily and efficiently comply with PDMA.

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