Real World Data

Real world data is the best way to gain a robust and detailed understanding of patient behaviors and measure shared clinical and commercial objectives. 
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Gain a holistic view of the patient’s healthcare experience.

Clients utilize IQVIA's unparalleled source of non-identified patient data for:

  • Studies addressing key business issues including product adherence, concomitance , and source of business
  • Link information across multiple sites of care including the physician’s office, hospital, and laboratory to create a more comprehensive understanding of patients behavior and outcomes
  • Combine with commercial information for more accurate view of performance

Leverage real-world data in these key offerings:

  • Xponent Prescribing Dynamics®: Aligning sub-national patient performance with patient activities to aid in supercharging sales/commercial performance
  • NPA New To Brand®: Used as the next logical step to understand national brand performance, NPA New to Brand shows which drugs are winning market share among new patients.
  • Total Patient Tracker®: RWD product that helps to size prescription drug markets in terms of the unique individuals taking medications

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