Unleash the power of your data across the enterprise

The healthcare industry produces vast quantities of data from an equally vast number of sources. A master data management system can transform this disparate data into a 360-degree view of the customer that can be leveraged by applications across the organization for more informed decisions. IQVIA combines our alliance with Reltio, a best-in-class platform, with our life sciences data management expertise to construct a connected holistic view of the customer with scalable infrastructure and flexible data models that serve all of your stakeholders from a single source of the truth. 

IQVIA master data management solutions incorporate:

  • Platform-as-a-Service with IQVIA data assets, as well as governance and stewardship expertise to help coordinate actions and drive decision making
  • Multi-domain solution with customized views to support a range of business processes to display appropriate information to the right user and efficiently share information and insights across the organization
  • Cloud-based, on-demand access to our OneKey reference data assets, allowing customers to get the best insights possible at the precise moment of need, without the concerns or delays of traditional delivery and downstream integrations

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