Digital Engagement Webinar Series 3: Omnichannel Activation in the New Normal
May 27, 2020
11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT -04:00) Eastern Daylight Time

In this webinar, our Omnichannel Thought Leaders will provide their perspectives on recent trends impacting Brand Teams and what Marketers can do to address them.

We'll be discussing what we're seeing in the healthcare market, including questions we're hearing, and what companies should be considering with regard to Omnichannel Activation as a result of current events.

Brian Schulz

Senior Principal, Advisory and Marketing Services, Omnichannel Marketing

Brian has been with IQVIA for 12 years and currently leads the Advisory and Marketing Services team. In this role, he helps clients improve their Omnichannel Marketing capabilities and outcomes. Brian’s expertise crosses numerous therapeutic areas, commercial functions, and capabilities within the pharmaceutical industry.