The Opportunities for Omnichannel Marketing in a Post-COVID-19 World
How to evolve and adapt to create strong connections with patients and HCPs across your chosen marketing channel mix
Peter Stark, VP & GM, Omnichannel Marketing, IQVIA
Jun 16, 2020

Marketing in the new normal

COVID-19 is impacting all areas of our organizations, including marketing. It’s important to understand and prepare for major changes in the way we consume information in media today. After all, the reality is, we won’t go back to the way we used to conduct business.

Pre-COVID-19, we used multiple channels to engage and reach our intended audiences. But post-pandemic, we will rely more on those channels that traditionally haven’t been a priority or weren’t integrated into the overall mix. As we look to the future, we need to have an omnichannel mindset, and ask ourselves, “How do we utilize our channels in a fully integrated way to meet the new needs of our customer base, whether it’s HCPs or patients?” 

Do more with digital

When considering how we adjust our pre-COVID-19 marketing strategies to be relevant today, the most obvious place to start is in the digital arena. While digital channels have been increasing in priority for some time, the way interactions have recently adapted have catapulted digital to the front of the queue for consideration in any strategy.

Take HCPs as an example: 73 percent of doctors say that their interaction with digital has increased, while 46.5 percent of HCPs have increased their online research to replace information previously gained from reps1.

We foresee the world’s reliance on digital remaining just as strong in the future, while digital efforts will be much more extensive and integrated into our strategies.

Tune in to an accelerated approach with over the top (OTT) TV

In March 2020, streaming hours increased by 24 percent for connected television and 16 percent for streaming boxes vs 20192. OTT TV is a key area that we expect to evolve in line with digital. While traditional linear TV marketing (via regular broadcasts) will still have a place, we envision interaction with streaming and digital applications to continue growing at an unprecedented pace. Investment in linear TV has remained the same throughout the pandemic, but audience exposure has increased by 13percent3. In essence, this means you have more opportunity to engage, and refine the quality of that engagement, without having to increase investment.

Evolving from traditional TV into streaming and over-the-top services allows you to be much more granular with the audiences you want to communicate with, create content that people can immediately interact with, and develop the most relevant and impactful messages.

That’s where we can see a real difference in the approach to brand messaging before and after COVID-19. Before, brand teams would utilize typical messaging we’d expect to see. But now, there’s an opportunity to be more relevant in our call to actions relative to the situation we’re in now and beyond.

With this in mind, we recommend brand marketers continue to invest in TV, and explore the opportunities that digital and OTT will provide as we move into the second half of the year.

Unlocking new omnichannel opportunities

As both patients and HCPs continue to be more engaged and comfortable with digital channels, how people want to receive their information will evolve. Our challenge is to rethink how we deliver an integrated experience through a more effective mix of channels relevant to the new post-COVID-19 world, and with more relevant and targeted messages.

These are just some examples of the many omnichannel marketing opportunities we can take advantage of as our world evolves during and post-COVID-19. To discuss how you can adapt your strategy in more detail, reach an IQVIA omnichannel expert, or learn more about our omnichannel marketing services, go here.

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