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IQVIA are committed to providing solutions that inform and enable all stakeholders across UK healthcare, to innovate with confidence, maximise opportunities, and, ultimately, drive human health outcomes forward.

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In the UK, we serve pharmaceutical and biotech companies and most of the NHS Trusts, being firmly centered between healthcare and life sciences. What differentiates us is institutional knowledge, gained from being the UK’s leading clinical trial provider through partnerships with the NHS in four ‘prime sites’ covering a population of around 20 million people, and from our more than 270 real world evidence experts. Our advanced technology platforms and capabilities allow us to provide real-time access to operations critical information for our customers. We have unparalleled data. And finally, advanced analytics that underpin faster more precise decision-making, giving actionable insights into patient care and medicines usage, all while preserving patient privacy.

Providing integrated solutions

We support UK life sciences from molecule to market across 8 areas: 

pipette and test tubes
pipette and test tubes

Q² Solutions

Q2 Solutions’ central lab based in Livingston helps our customers improve human health through innovation that transforms science and data into actionable medical insights.

doctors reviewing patient information in hallway
doctors reviewing patient information in hallway

R&D Solutions

Through IQVIA’s CORE-powered Clinical Development and close partnerships with the NHS and research institutions, our clinical operations team ensure the effective delivery of regulatory, start up and clinical monitoring services. 

  • 4 leading Prime Sites, which connect healthcare providers with IQVIA to support the delivery of medical innovation, offer ‘best-in-class’ performance, joint governance, wide therapeutic capability and a collaborative approach to delivering clinical trials
  • IQVIA has approximately 150 recruiting studies per year and over 250 ongoing projects at any one time. These are supported in over 90 secondary care hospitals as well as in the primary care setting (GPs)
  • In the UK, IQVIA currently conducts 20 percent of all commercial clinical trials within the NHS
  • View this short video
  • Read more: Brexit has been a catalyst for UK clinical research... it’s turbocharged change, PM Europe, March 2019
doctor assisting female patient in hospital bed
doctor assisting female patient in hospital bed

Real World Solutions

Our team help customers demonstrate how patients can be treated safely, effectively and economically, in the real world setting.  We provide the full spectrum of the best-in-class solutions for real-world and late phase evidence development across the global healthcare ecosystem.

  • >270 Real World Data experts, data scientists and project delivery specialists who all hold advanced scientific qualifications and can address client objectives with robust scientific approaches
  • We have successfully delivered over 190 UK site - or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - based non-interventional studies, developing expertise in a range of therapy areas, countries and datasets. This core strength in depth allows us to provide specialist advice in the context of research environments as well as a key analytical advantage.
  • IQVIA can conduct medical research using more than 17 million anonymized UK patient records in primary care.
  • Read our white paper: Real-World Evidence in Oncology
  • Check out how research using non-identified patient data is driving healthcare forward and improving patient outcomes
doctors meeting with businesspeople
doctors meeting with businesspeople

Healthcare Solutions

Our team is committed to support the NHS hospital for them to drive efficiencies, reduce cost and clinical variation and improve patient outcomes.

We provide solutions to more than 75 percent of NHS hospitals. Working closely with them, we’ve developed tailored solutions to:

Learn more about our NHS Solutions or view this short video.

two talking pharmacists
two talking pharmacists

Information Offerings

As a trusted adviser and partner of choice to suppliers and customers, we secure access to data, providing unique, valuable, innovative solutions and real-world insights, whilst protecting individual patient privacy. 

  • IQVIA collect prescription information from over 80% of retail pharmacies 
  • Our team engage with almost every UK NHS organisation to provide dispensary analytics to life sciences organisations and back to NHS hospital trusts, enabling launch tracking and measurement of the UK secondary care market
  • We enable customers to understand the flow of medicines through the pharmaceutical supply chain for business planning, supply chain management and monitoring of commercial deals and trade, collecting distribution sales data from almost every UK wholesaler
  • Read our white paper: The changing dynamic of the UK retail pharmaceutical market
Professionals meeting around a laptop
Professionals meeting around a laptop

Commercial Services

Our team solve healthcare customers’ commercial challenges by delivering innovative solutions through information and service platforms.

  • IQVIA provide customers with local and global expertise in primary intelligence, market access, commercial effectiveness and marketing services solutions, providing management and strategy consulting across the full lifecycle
  • Our team support life sciences companies’ product launch and brand performance 
  • Read our white paper: Improving Therapy Adherence Cost-Effectively with Measurable Impact
Business people discussing in a meeting
Business people discussing in a meeting

Contract Sales and Medical Solutions

We enable healthcare customers to execute their commercialisation plans with speed, flexibility and risk mitigation. We design and deliver innovative customer engagement.

  • More than 500 professionals providing services from HCP Promotional Teams; Patient Support, Nursing and Home Care; Medical and Patient Communications; Medical Affairs & MSL Teams
  • IQVIA support improved decision-making within Life Sciences and the NHS to maximise brand uptake
  • Our team combine our experience & insight into patient support programme design and delivery; through proven engagement technologies and tools; optimising patient engagement & real world evidence gathering
  • Our nursing teams has delivered >400 programmes in NHS sites and in the home
Digital tablet of graphs
Digital tablet of graphs

Technology Solutions

We enable every interaction with health care professionals to be planned, delivered and measured in an orchestrated way.

  • Our team provide technology solutions to customers from large multinational to smaller emerging companies 
  • We are the leading provider of managed healtcare professionals data with many top 50 pharma clients actively using OneKey to drive Sales and Marketing activities
  • Our customers optimise their performance using IQVIA’s Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) global solution
  • The 2019 UK tech conference factsheet provides insights on how digital and AI are revolutionising customer engagement.
  • Read: Change mindset, change the future, PharmaTimes, April 2019
female medical professionals reviewing information on laptop
female medical professionals reviewing information on laptop

Driving innovation

Through our strategic collaborations and initiatives with UK’s healthcare stakeholders, we are committed to a better prevention, earlier diagnosis and more targeted treatment for patients in the UK and across the world.

business people using digital tablet
business people using digital tablet

UK Life Sciences Industrial Strategy

IQVIA believes in the UK’s potential to be a unique bioscience centre of excellence within the life sciences space, and our investment announced in the Second Life Sciences Sector Deal further supports the UK Government and the industry’s aim to ensure this potential is realised. It is also IQVIA’s mission to drive healthcare forward through world-leading clinical trials and real world evidence providing domain expertise, transformative technology and advanced analytics including artificial intelligence.  
scientific experiment
scientific experiment


IQVIA's collaboration with Genomics England to co-develop the platform that will connect clinical and de-identified genomics data to accelerate treatment advancements for patients is a critical step in advancing genomic research. This alliance will enable faster and more efficient drug research, more robust evidence to support treatment value, and greater access to personalized medicines; whilst protecting patient privacy.

doctor showing medical chart to patient
doctor showing medical chart to patient

Simulated data

IQVIA has taken a leading role in addressing data access challenges by partnering in the development and validation of the Simulacrum. The Simulacrum is a simulated oncology dataset structured to model properties of the data collected within the Cancer Analysis System (CAS), but which contains no actual patient data. IQVIA has formulated the Oncology Insights Simulator, which uses the Simulacrum to conduct real world studies leveraging one of the largest and most detailed population-based cancer databases in the world. Through this innovative approach, IQVIA can perform clinically relevant and statistically precise studies that answer critical questions about cancer patients and their treatments without compromising patient confidentiality.

Medical app icon on smart watch screen
Medical app icon on smart watch screen

Digital therapeutics

In collaboration with EMIS Health, IQVIA launched the EMIS App Library by AppScript, enabling more than half of GP surgeons in England to to recommend apps to millions of patients.

By fully appreciating and leveraging clinicians’ real world activity, we accomplish our vision of Human Data Science, where every clinical decision can be made based on credible and robust evidence. This technology has the potential to drive significant cost savings for the NHS through improved prevention and management of chronic conditions and support the delivery of clinical research goals as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, contributing to make the NHS the world’s most advanced primary healthcare system with respect to the delivery of digitally enabled care.  

Improving patient access to medicines

Driven by passion for a healthier world, our teams continue to innovate and develop new solutions to advance healthcare. Below are a few examples of projects where boundaries were pushed and health outcomes improved.

Better clinical trials:

  • Improving clinical trial patient recruitment using a benchmarking tool: view this short  video

Further patient engagement:

Information and figures correct as of 15 July 2019.