The Changing dynamic of the UK retail pharmaceutical market
Finding sustainable and mutually beneficial ways forward for more innovative products and better health outcomes
White Paper
Nov 15, 2018

Whilst in 2017 the total UK pharmaceutical market grew more slowly in cash and volume terms than in previous years, the retail sector experienced a cash and volume decline in June 2017. Changing patterns of drug usage suggest that NHS cost-containment measures combined with the drive for medicines optimisation account for the reduced volume of trading.

To ensure the UK remains an attractive market and patients in the UK can access the most appropriate medicine for their diseases, a new IQVIA Report makes key recommendations to continue to develop the partnership between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry and to: 

  • Find sustainable/mutually beneficial ways forward bearing in mind that NHS cost-containment measures are intended to liberate funds for innovative products that should achieve better health outcomes.
  • Take into account the Medicines Optimisation agenda to ensure positive outcomes.
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