Real-World Evidence in Oncology
Towards Innovative and Affordable Patient Care
White Paper
Mar 08, 2018

A new IQVIA report shows how the UK is leading the way in the use of real-world patient data in oncology to improve patient outcomes, and how it influences treatment pathways, reimbursement decision, and clinical development.

Featuring insights and commentary from world-leading experts in oncology, the report builds on a unique summit event hosted jointly by IQVIA and the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Among the key topics discussed by the report are:

  • A new ‘cancer treatment paradigm’ which utilises real-world insight
  • Innovative approaches in the UK to make real-world data available to advance the cause of medicine without compromising patient anonymity and confidentiality
  • How payers and regulators are turning to real-world evidence to seek further value from clinical trials
  • The increasing role of genomic testing in research
  • Key factors for the governance of patient data
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