Unparalleled data, tailored intelligence.

Market measurement solutions at IQVIA provide an up-to-date view of the information you need most to make decisions, from sales force deployment to prescribing patterns and share of voice.
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Informed decision-making

Decision-making isn't passive, and it isn't gradual. As markets shift and competitors emerge, agility and informed views are paramount.

IQVIA's market measurement solutions provide timely, actionable insights with the global, regional and local coverage you need.

Backed by unparalleled data assets and IQVIA's deep expertise, reports on sales, prescription, HCP and treatment trend information help you

  • Tailor growth strategies based on unique factors for each market, region, province or country
  • Understand the competitive dynamics in local and regional markets
  • Ensure decisions are always based on the most up-to-date information

Make swift, informed, and confident decisions for your brand and your business.

Market Measurement solutions

Analyze industry leading sales and medical data in a standardized and comparable way, including cross-country analysis of performance and additional insights into global and regional markets.

Commercial Data

Make sense of vast amounts of data, push the limits of seamless data integration, and transform decision-making with secure, high-performing, and scalable data solutions.

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