The Evolving Health Technology Assessment for Medical Devices and Diagnostics in the Asia Pacific Region and Key Considerations for Value Assessment Frameworks
White Paper
Feb 20, 2020

The MedTech industry is facing a rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem across Asia Pacific. Epidemiological shifts, changing regulatory and policy environments, increasing healthcare cost containment pressure, evolving reimbursement systems are all key drivers impacting patient access to medical devices and diagnostics (MDDs) across the region. These changes have ignited increased interest in different methods of assessing MDDs to inform value-based policy, pricing, and reimbursement decision-making.

This whitepaper, published in collaboration with APACMed, examines the use of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) as one of the tools to assess the value of MDDs. In the paper, considerations specific to the value assessment of MDDs have been highlighted in addition to an evaluation of the existing HTA processes in Asia Pacific markets. Recommendations have also been proposed for consideration when developing robust value assessment frameworks for MDDs.

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