Virtual Panel Discussion: Building Resilience for Medical Device Commercialization in the ‘New Normal’
July 30, 2020
2:00PM - 2:45PM (GMT+08:00) Singapore Standard Time

COVID-19 dominated the first half of 2020. Six months in, businesses are starting to revert to a new normal. Within Asia Pacific, we are seeing varying degrees of response and recovery due to the diverse economic and healthcare systems in the region. For the Medical Device industry, a key area of impact has been the commercialization value chain, driven by restricted face-to-face engagements with healthcare providers, delays in product launches and supply chain disruptions. Companies are assessing the short-term and longer-term implications of this impact on commercialization, and as a result rethinking their go-to-market strategies.

As companies begin to re-emerge from the pandemic, the question to ask is how to build resilience for commercialization? What lessons can we take away from this unprecedented event and how can we as an industry come out stronger?

Join industry experts in this webinar as they share their experience and insights on “Building Resilience for Medical Device Commercialization in the New Normal”. You can expect to hear more on the following topics:

  • Impact of COVID-19 and response & recovery across Asia Pacific
  • Implications for Product Launch
  • Rethinking Market Access in the New Normal