Give your trial the best chance of success.

Our insight-driven approach to site identification integrates real world data, machine learning, and predictive modeling to prioritize the best performing sites and help you reach milestones faster.

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Predict top-tier investigators for higher enrollment rates

Through the power of the IQVIA CORE, our clinical trial experts can bypass the low performers and instead prioritize the top potential recruiters -- speeding enrollment and your study completion. To validate this approach, we put it to the test against the universe of our >500 ongoing clinical studies. See the impact based on actual enrollment rates below.

Site identification powered by analytics, not opinions

In traditional clinical trials, sites are selected based on experience and relationships – with less than stellar results. IQVIA has developed a more precise way to predict the best-performing sites and investigators. This approach integrates

  • Unmatched data, including observed quality and risk factors, patient access, site location and previous experience
  • Advanced analytics to predict site performance using models to identify the most appropriate investigators based on the indication and the sites most likely to achieve highest enrollment
  • Transformative technology to integrate data and provide insights to identify best-performing sites
  • Extensive trial expertise to assess quality of sites based on key risk indicators and to guide and interpret the process

A network of high-performing sites

IQVIA has alliances with investigators in clinics and hospitals of every size, linked to prime and partner sites worldwide. This global reach lets us identify the right patients - and engage the right sites - to go from insight to action. 

Protocol Design

Assess your protocol against real world evidence using advanced analytics, and reduce the risk of costly amendments.

Phase I Trials

Leverage a global network of Phase I clinical pharmacology units to build diversity in patient populations and access a range of geographic regions for early clinical development (ECD) programs.

Phase IIb/III Trials

Improve the performance of your clinical trials with the power of the IQVIA CORE.

Patient Recruitment

Predict enrollment more accurately and increase the number of patients per site using data-driven patient recruitment solutions.

Global Laboratories

Access central labs around the globe through Q² Solutions, a joint venture between IQVIA and Quest Diagnostics.

Clinical Acceleration

Avoid the cost of failed sites and shorten trial timelines with evidence-based site activation and engagement technologies.

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