A faster track to measuring impact.

IQVIA can help you track the impact of new drugs and establish proof of concept faster with innovative early clinical development strategies, including hybrid studies involving both healthy volunteers and patients.

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Changing the equation for early clinical development

By using a network of highly specialized sites who perform early phase trials, IQVIA gives you the flexibility to find and focus on geographies, sites and methods best suited to your specific study. It's an approach that lets you continue to drive scientific breakthroughs and control costs, without compromising on efficiency or quality. 

The IQVIA global network

All IQVIA network sites receive a Quality Assurance (QA) Audit and Medical Safety Assessment against ethical, regulatory, medical and quality standards. The assessment also guides trial designs and types of drug candidates that can be investigated at each site. In addition to ensuring rigorous safety and quality standards, the IQVIA network also gives you important operational advantages. It’s a choice that lets you

  • Work with one dedicated partner – no need for multiple vendors
  • Target diverse populations and geographies
  • Execute healthy volunteer, patient, or hybrid first-in-human and proof-of-concept studies
  • Access IQVIA's expertise, including our Therapeutic Centers of Excellence for oncology and neurology
  • Outsource management of site negotiations and contracts
New perspectives in Phase I research
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Therapeutic & Specialty Expertise

Specialized expertise and customized solutions across 14 therapeutic centers of excellence, including oncology, GI/NASH, pediatrics, neurology and rare diseases.


Bring your biosimilar to market faster by tapping into unparalleled data, technology, advanced analytics, and scientific expertise.

Rare Diseases

Build on our experience of more than 245 rare disease studies in 96 countries to fulfill your promise of hope to millions around the world.

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