Measure and improve sales force and marketing channel performance

Tighter budgets. More regulations. New marketing channels. As you launch and track your products in a dynamic global environment, you need the optimal sales force and multichannel mix to be sure you get execution right.

IQVIA™ ChannelDynamics can help you focus on vital benchmarks, so you can hone best practice, identify weaknesses and adapt your strategy when you need to.

Measure the impact of your sales force and messaging
  • Measure your own and your competitors' sales force performance worldwide to benchmark and adapt your commercial strategy
  • Use a wide range of detailing metrics providing granular insights into share of voice and HCP perception of call quality and impact
  • Monitor message quality across channels at the brand level for real world competitive insights
Monitor marketing channel performance

In addition to sales force monitoring, ChannelDynamics provides unique insights into channel spend and performance including:

  • Digital channels
  • Meetings & events
  • Mailing & advertising
  • Social media & apps
  • Sampling
ChannelDynamics is the industry reference
  • Worldwide coverage across 35 countries
  • Over 30,000 Primary care and specialist panellists surveyed daily
  • Global support teams with local expertise focused on life science sales and marketing

 Reach out today to see how ChannelDynamics can be customized for your business.