Reduce your technology burden and enable collaboration with a suite of modules that were born integrated

Your life sciences CRM could help you foster cross-departmental collaboration to create a unified coordinated customer experience that enables better patient access to your brands and drives your commercial success. That is the focus of the world's first orchestration suite, born integrated on a platform of best-in-class platforms including, marketing cloud, Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Reltio, and others.  This platform of platforms is being leveraged to provide innovation at scale and access to a global ecosystem of system integration, configuration, and installation partners. 


In addition to the benefits of a best-in-class platform, we believe there are three critical elements that every successful technology needs to include, they are easy to use, they are smart and work more for you than you do for them, and they are connected without friction to an ecosystem of technology. That is why all the modules of our orchestrated suite include:

  • Apollo - a modernized, consumer-grade user interface and user experience built from the established discipline of human-centered design
  • Ada - a micro-intelligence that uses statistical models, predictive analytics, and machine learning to solve for a specific focus around Next Best Recommendations
  • Lexi - an iPaaS layer consisting of micro-services, API first connectors, and standard interfaces, thus reducing the investments needed for migration 

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