Bring innovations in oncology treatments to patients, faster.

To advance the science and improve the outcomes of cancer care, we need to cast a wide net while keeping individual patients’ needs in mind.
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Rise to the challenge of being more precise

To make gains in cancer research and delivery, we must ask a lot of questions and tap into the explosion of real world data to understand not just the treatment, but also the larger clinical research and patient experience.

And we need to be accurate so the right patient gets the right treatment at the right time.

As the leader in Human Data Science, IQVIA brings together advanced analytics and oncology expertise to advance our ability to collect – and connect – the data and insights necessary to make more precise and predictable decisions in the fight against cancer.

With patient outcomes at the heart of everything we do, IQVIA empowers the oncology community by providing informed, innovative and collaborative leadership to advance the science and improve the outcomes of cancer care.

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