Get high-quality data that takes you beyond the numbers

Data isn’t just about numbers. It’s about what’s behind the numbers — the technology, the analytics and the people that drive those numbers. Whether you’re building a brand or creating the story to market that brand, IQVIA Business Intelligence is able to help you know your market, understand the drivers that change your market, and see which drivers affect your product performance. All with precise, high-quality data, and insights gained through machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

  • Get access to 14.3 million healthcare providers — individual, affiliation, and workplace data — through OneKey.
  • Review trusted results shown in a sharp, easy to understand format.
  • Rely on our precise methodology and actionable insights: A streamlined approach that delivers only the most appropriate market segments.
  • Give your brand teams the commercial analytics to deliver the right message to the right stakeholder, in the right channel, at the right time.

With our record of success — 16,000 life-science analytics projects in just the past 5 years — we can offer you the leading-edge algorithms and technologies to give your brand a proven advantage. And the data to optimize your marketing efforts to propel the brand forward.

Talk to us about how we can work with your business across all data types, no matter how challenging.