Make every email personal
Ed Barret
Feb 05, 2018

Dynamic content has changed the landscape of marketing communications, letting companies customize their marketing content on the fly based on an individual’s preferences, past decisions, and known interests. One in four marketers now uses dynamic content tools to personalize their campaigns and drive better results.

Just as Amazon can recommend the perfect book, and The Gap can fill your email box with deals on the ideal sweater, so too can healthcare industry marketing professionals create content that directly appeals to specific healthcare professionals, ensuring their carefully crafted content doesn’t get deleted before it is opened.

What is it?

Dynamic content (also known as smart content) is a piece of HTML code embedded in an email or other marketing material that changes the email’s content based on specific rules set by the marketer and existing data in your database. With this simple tool marketers can design an email to automatically include things like a customer’s name in the subject line. You can also use it to create more personalized experiences. Adapt content to a specialty or location, reference past interactions with the brand, or send your customers to different websites or landing pages based on their interests or past participation in events. You can even change graphics to make the visual experience more appealing.

These customization rules are only limited to the data a company has collected, and the strategies they want use to personalize the content. For example, say your company wants to introduce HCPs to a new treatment that targets three distinct patient populations. Using dynamic content tools, you can set rules to adapt the message and images for each provider’s name, specialty area, diagnostic interests and demographics, ensuring everyone gets a message that is highly relevant to their practice and their patients.

The best part of dynamic content is that it is all done automatically, which means once an email is created and the rules are set, it will render itself to the exact needs of each recipient with no additional input on the part of the marketing team.

Why you should care

This isn’t just a neat feature that will impress your clients. Dynamic content empowers marketers to harness the full value of customer data, using this information to generate highly customized communications that deliver measurable results. Research from Experian shows that emails with personalized subject lines have 26 percent higher unique open rates than non-personalized emails. Dynamic content also ranks among the top three marketing automation techniques, according to the Marketing Automation Excellence 2017 report, which found that one in four marketers now use dynamic content to personalize their campaigns and drive better results.

How to get started

Nexxus Marketing makes it easy to integrate dynamic content into your marketing strategy. The platform includes intuitive scripting language that supports the use of dynamic content logic in emails, and any user who has the ability to create or modify emails can use these tools.

Marketers go to incredible lengths to collect data from their customers and to create campaigns that resonate. Dynamic content finally lets you take full advantage of this data, to give your customer better content, and drive better business results.

To learn more about the structure of a dynamic content and how to use these tools to personalize your marketing campaigns, check out the Nexxus Marketing’s Using Dynamic Content page, or watch this webinar highlighting the features and uses of the dynamic content option.

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