Capture customer data with Web Forms
Ed Barret
Feb 15, 2018

In a knowledge-based economy, data is the most valued currency. When companies can collect more and better information from their customer base they can provide better products and services. A 2015 report from Forbes Insights, found that nearly half of executives say data-driven marketing initiatives deliver demonstrable improvements in  customer loyalty, greater customer engagement, and increases in the number of customers. These benefits are enabled through advances in technology that allow marketers to gather individual level data to understand how different types of customers are likely to respond to different types of marketing activities, and to adapt their content accordingly. 

It also transforms the marketing campaign into a two-way conversation in which customers provide data back to life sciences companies. With the right tools, these marketers can confirm and update contact records, gather feedback on content preferences, and capture complex details about customers’ expertise, interests, and/or preferred communication channels. Such customer data can be a goldmine for healthcare industry marketers, giving them valuable insights to shape their future offerings, and to better target segments of their customer population with content they value.

One of the best ways to collect this data is by leveraging the Nexxus Marketing ‘Web Forms’ feature. 

What’s a Web Form?

A Web Form is simply a web page linked to a campaign communication.  Marketing professionals can invite customers to enter specific data in the form, and use that data to trigger a targeted Journey based on the data captured. The data entry can be as simple as checking a box, or it can include multiple fields requesting detailed information, such as where a HCP practices, area of expertise, certifications or degrees, preferred communication channels. Web forms can also be used to conduct surveys, capture opt in/opt out preferences and consent for receipt of information or invitations to events. 

To make as easy as possible for customers to engage with web forms, links can be programmed to autofill data into the fields, eliminating any barriers to participating and streamlining the data collection process. 

How do I use them?

While some marketers work with their in house IT teams and agencies to build web pages to capture customer data and communication preferences, the Nexxus Web Forms feature can be used by almost anyone without the need for advanced IT support.

With the most basic coding skills, a marketing team can use Web Forms to capture more and better data about their customers, which feeds more targeting communication going forward. With every contact, and every form filled out, marketers become more knowledgeable about their customers.

Marketers can also customize these forms, applying their specific logo, event information and other details for a uniquely branded look and feel. And, As with most of the Nexxus Marketing features, like Journeys and Webhooks, once a web form is created, it can be saved for re-use, and adapted for future campaigns. This saves time and resources, and allows marketers to benefit from custom coded tools with little up-front investment.

Tools like Nexxus Marketing Web Forms make it easy to connect with customers and to gather valuable information about their needs and interests. For step-by-step instructions on how to use Nexxus Marketing Web Forms, check out the Get Started with Web Forms in the Nexxus Marketing help center.

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