Unlock genomic data while preserving privacy.

IQVIA is breaking down barriers in genomic research with a combination of global data networks, critical partnerships and patented technologies that preserve privacy while enabling new research.
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A catalyst for discovery

As the global volume of genomic data grows, healthcare stakeholders – from drug manufacturers to policymakers – are realizing the disruptive potential of this new data source. From a better understanding of disease biology, to how treatments work in sub-populations, to evidence for alternative reimbursement models.

But finding efficient, scalable ways to conduct genomic research is essential. And reducing the fear around privacy concerns is paramount.

Advancing genomic research will accelerate the discovery of precision therapies, improve access and health outcomes, and deliver on the potential of Human Data Science.
Rob Kotchie, president, Real World Solutions at IQVIA

Human Data Science advances genomic research

IQVIA is leading the charge in using Human Data Science – the necessary integration of data science and technology with human science expertise – to drive new discoveries and insights from increasingly complex datasets in healthcare.

Our unparalleled data assets, combined with advanced analytics and transformative technologies uniquely positions our teams to collect and protect the data that helps us answers questions about human health.

Our work in Human Data Science has been at the heart of how we are helping enable genomic research through partnerships, advanced analytics, and perhaps most importantly technology that supports patient privacy.

Expanding the queries 

IQVIA is providing life science customers immediate access to aggregated data at scale to conduct a wide range of research.  This research can help them identify new molecular targets for their pipeline and new indications for products by accessing non-identified data in a secure environment.  

E360 Genomics 

E360™ Genomics can manage the size and complexity of genomic datasets and draw insights from a myriad of covariates preserving privacy.  

  • Link comprehensive clinical data: Non-identified  genomic data enables the critical linkage with a multitude of relevant data sources to create a holistic picture
  • Balance patient privacy: Genomic data is non-identified at the patient level throughout the research process
  • Aggregate data at scale: Non-identified  genomic data encourages sharing between institutions by addressing privacy and competitive concerns

Researchers can now benefit from immediate access to data, data science and analytics at scale to complete research in a manner that allows for reuse, lower costs, faster results.

The result is accelerated genomic research, and a faster, more flexible, and less expensive approach for scientific enquiry into human biology, drug discovery and drug development.

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