An Early Clinical Development model built for a changing world

Early Clinical Development (ECD) studies have become increasingly complex — and expensive. But you can now have access to a global network of sites to overcome these challenges and keep costs down.

Our global ECD Network Model gives you the flexibility to utilize the geography and site best suited for your particular study and therapeutic needs. This approach allows a blending of timelines, cost, experience, and quality to help ensure the best possible solution for our Phase I trial.

  • Get the right candidates. IQVIA’s global network of Phase I clinical pharmacology units can meet your need for diversity in patient populations, and provide access to a range of geographic regions for ECD programs.
  • Leverage built-in flexibility. Select the most appropriate region, country and sites for your particular trial design based on the sites’ experience, expertise, patient access, past timelines and costs.
  • Accelerate development. IQVIA’s ECD Network Model has been extremely successful in speeding the development of biosimilars, enabling rapid completion of ECD and expedited Phase III start-up in parallel.

Put our global network and our deep Phase I-IIa experience to work for you.