Adapt to specialized therapies and small patient populations.

The IQVIA CORE changes the model for trials at every stage, reducing risks and time to market.

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Trials built for the age of innovation

Personalized medicine offers tremendous hope for patients. This change in focus to specialty treatments for highly defined patient populations also requires a change in how research works, customized just as specifically as the treatments it is designed to test.

57 orphan drugs

Number of drugs with orphan indications approved in the U.S. between January and August 2018
"Orphan Drugs in the United States: Growth Trends in Rare Disease Treatments", IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, October 2018

15 oncology drugs

The number of new oncology therapeutics launched in 2018
"Global Oncology Trends 2019", IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, May 2019

$452 billion

Projected value of the biologics market in 2022
"Advancing Biosimilar Sustainability in Europe", IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, September 2018
IQVIA Outcomes

30% improvement

in non-enrolling sites with CORE-powered studies
IQVIA Analytics Center of Excellence

Powering change with the IQVIA CORE

IQVIA combines deep therapeutic and scientific knowledge with unmatched experience in clinical trial design and execution. Using the IQVIA CORE we can integrate data, analytics, and technology around the specific requirements of your trial. So we can anticipated challenges, ask the right questions and help you

  • Reach milestones faster: From identifying trial sites that are likely to succeed, to recruiting the right patients 
  • Be more precise: From choosing indications, to comparing scenarios and analyzing key metrics to drive better decisions
  • Leverage the expertise you need: From artificial intelligence and machine learning, to experts in local markets around the world
IQVIA Outcomes

30% improvement

in non-enrolling sites with CORE-powered studies
IQVIA Analytics Center of Excellence
New thinking about clinical trials
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