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IQVIA is providing customers with higher levels of precision and speed on more than 150 CORE-powered studies around the world, from study design to site selection, enrollment and execution.

Experience IQVIA CORE-powered Clinical Development

The power to raise your expectations

The CORE integrates IQVIA's unparalleled data assets, advanced analytics, technologies, and domain expertise and applies them, together, to meet every customer need. In other words, it's how we surround your trial with a customized suite of capabilities and expertise to help you

  • Accelerate enrollment speeds by using data and analytics to identify the right sites and patients more accurately.

  • Mobilize referral networks and empower CRAs to help supplement and tailor recruitment.

  • Assess your protocol using real world data to reduce the risk of costly amendments or delays.

  • Forecast commercialization options during development to maximize asset value.

  • Detect risk with automated, real-time analytics to ensure patient safety and improve quality.

IQVIA CORE-powered Clinical Development

Translate science into new treatments

Through our Therapeutic Centers of Excellence, IQVIA connects your clinical program with strong scientific and medical expertise, deep therapeutic insights and unrivaled clinical trials experience. To help you find the most direct route from breakthrough science to new therapies for patients.
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Research & Development Solutions

Discover unrealized connections and manage your product across the entire lifecycle, from research and development, compliance to launch and commercialization.

Clinical Trials

Change the model of clinical research by integrating data, expertise, analytics and technology from study design through execution to power better decisions.

Protocol Design

Assess your protocol against real world evidence using advanced analytics, and reduce the risk of costly amendments.

Virtual Trials

Bring trials directly to patients to decrease costs, increase quality and improve access.

Functional Services

Decrease clinical development costs and increase study quality using our global functional resources and flexible services, and get more value from your R&D spend.

Global Laboratories

Access central labs around the globe through Q² Solutions, a joint venture between IQVIA and Quest Diagnostics.

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