Discover new research insights powered by secondary data and analytics.

Integrated solutions from IQVIA streamline qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. So you have the detail you want to see what you need.
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Purpose-built research solutions

IQVIA research teams bring together a wide range of data assets, research methodologies, advanced analytics and deep domain expertise, including

  • Primary market research (PMR) expertise: Each team brings a wealth of experience in survey design and execution, including proprietary methodologies and calibration techniques
  • Therapy area expertise: We conducts thousands of PMR studies each year across every major therapeutic category
  • Respondent panels: IQVIA’s OneKey database delivers HCP and HCO data from more than 100 countries
  • Sample stratification: We combine OneKey data with our own panels to identify and survey only the most appropriate physicians based on what you need to know
  • Technology and analytical expertise: Our proprietary algorithms can uncover trends and opportunities within your data, customized to address your critical business questions.
  • Global scale, local insights: With researchers physically located in more than 70 countries, teams are ready with the breadth and depth necessary to craft relevant, actionable insights with the right context. 


Plan, assess, track


IQVIA Primary Intelligence Solutions - Primary market research (PMR)

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