AI & Machine Learning with a healthcare IQ.

From enhanced automation to uncovering new insights, IQVIA uses AI to solve the problems of today, and drive the breakthroughs of tomorrow - from clinical research through commercialization and beyond.

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At the intersection of data science and healthcare

IQVIA combines AI capabilities with deep domain expertise to find insights from vast amounts of data and enable customers to act with agility. To meet ever-increasing demands, ensure quality output, and deliver healthcare-grade solutions.

From faster identification of clinical trial sites, to utilizing predictive algorithms that drive earlier disease detection, to optimizing multi-channel marketing, we help customers simplify complexity and solve problems with greater precision, speed, and scalability.

  • Find correlations that indicate a higher risk of developing a disease. This gives providers the ability to make a diagnosis earlier and treat more precisely.
  • Analyze a broad array of clinical trial site outcomes and find the best future sites. Enabling research to identify promising therapies and get them to market, and patients, faster.
  • Use natural language processing to transform unstructured text into structured data. Replacing keyword search and manual document review with automated text mining that yields promising outcomes.
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To realize the full potential of advanced analytics in healthcare, AI and machine learning algorithms must be purpose-built for healthcare. One-size-fits-all approaches simply don’t come close to meeting the precise needs of pharmaceutical companies today.
Yilian Yuan, Senior Vice President, IQVIA Analytics Center of Excellence

Powered by the IQVIA CORE

With the IQVIA CORE, our AI and machine learning capabilities are accelerated, benefiting from a seamless integration of data science and human science expertise that delivers practical, scalable solutions. IQVIA brings experts with deep knowledge of the nuances of healthcare - from doctors and researchers, to engineers and data scientists - together to build practical, scalable solutions.

IQVIA's Expertise

8,200+ tech experts

Building solutions that meet unique needs in healthcare
IQVIA's Expertise

4,600+ data scientists

Including statisticians and analytic developers
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

35+ petabytes

Volume of proprietary data
IQVIA's Advanced Analytics

40+ offerings

Commercial offerings using artificial intelligence and machine learning
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