MDM and OneKey: The Brilliant Solution for Keeping Customer Data Up to Date
IQVIA's OneKey solution helps address the multitude of challenges life science companies face in maintaining updated data.
Francesca D'Angelo, Dir, Information Management Commercial Offering
May 13, 2020

If it is true that the only constant is change, then keeping master data up to date on a manual basis is literally an impossible task. In the pharmaceutical landscape, customers are continually changing their status or moving on, while new customers are entering the market. This constant cycle of change calls for a seamless response, from contact details to specific interests to social media presence. The most critical aspect of effective master data management (MDM) is maintaining a clean, continually harmonized data set.

The Answer to the Need for Continual Updating

IQVIA’s OneKey is a global health care professionals (HCP) and institutional reference data set that is continually updated. Companies choosing to clear data manually may find that different departments are clearing the same data set in parallel with different outcomes, resulting in wasted time and effort. “Bad” records cost companies large sums of money, from correction and synchronization time to conforming to the legal requirements of data protection, compliance, and the GDPR.

These details of the manual data clearance environment risk misinformation and penalty fees, along with a large personal fine for the data controller in charge. In order for data compliance to be effective and to prove its effectiveness, it requires a continuous and standardized automated updating procedure. OneKey helps address the multitude of challenges life science companies face in maintaining updated data.

One Tool, Many Benefits

IQVIA’s OneKey solution enables validation of data change request (DCR), state license validation, identification of primary address, and critical affiliations. This solution effectively synthesizes all data and makes it available to business users.

With OneKey, IQVIA provides a seamless capability to capture changes and new data in any connected system. IQVIA’s customer MDM solution includes a pre-built OneKey connector that permits customers to utilize OneKey as the authoritative, foundational data source allowing cleaning, validation and harmonization with data coming from all other data sources and systems integrated in the MDM. Combining OneKey with customer master data is the most efficient way to keep all systems aligned to the single, central view of customer information in the enterprise.

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