Supplier Code of Conduct

IQVIA is committed to sustainable business practices. Based on internationally recognized standards, our Supplier Code of Conduct is aimed at advancing social and environmental responsibility. All suppliers to IQVIA are expected to adhere to this Code. Select one of these languages to read the Supplier Code of Conduct: 

IQVIA Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

IQVIA Purchase Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in the following documents (the “Terms”). The Terms are accepted and agreed to through a supplier’s: (i) acknowledgement; (ii) commencement of performance; (iii) delivery of goods; or (iv) issuance of an invoice. If a supplier has any questions about the Terms, they should contact the IQVIA buyer that issued the Purchase Order. Select to read the Terms in any of the following languages:

Supplier transitions

Transition planning for IQVIA is well underway and we’re excited to have you as a supplier. Over time, you’ll see new logos and corporate names on documents and forms, new tax registration and VAT numbers and other changes that come from the integration of our two companies. Where your business relationship with a Quintiles or IMS Health entity is transferring to another legal entity within IQVIA, active contracts and commercial agreements will be assigned to that legal entity. We anticipate no disruptions to, or from, our suppliers as a result of this merger.

As a combined entity, and a global leader in our markets, IQVIA brings new opportunities to our suppliers as well. Where you may have previously had relationships with both entities, you’ll now have a single route to market with a significantly larger customer. Your IQVIA Procurement and business contacts will be reaching out to you to ensure pricing and terms are aligned with this new opportunity. In these first few days of operation as a merged entity, we anticipate only minor immediate changes:

Purchase Orders will continue to be issued by Quintiles and by IMS during a transition period, although they may reflect our new name. Invoices should be sent to the address referenced on the purchase order, as always. Payments to you may come in the new entity’s name in satisfaction of obligations under a previous entity’s name.

For more details on IQVIA, we encourage you to contact your Procurement representative. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

Data Submission request form
If you are a pharmacy wishing to supply IQVIA with your data, please download and complete the data submission request form.

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