Care Pathway Analytics

Vous souhaitez savoir comment IQVIA peut aider votre hôpital à offrir encore plus de valeur à votre système de soins de santé ?


How can you improve patient outcomes and optimize resource use if you don’t have a firm grasp of how different types of patients move through your hospital and what services they use? Care Pathways Analytics runs your patient data through our analytical engine to produce a visual representation of the care pathways in your hospital for a given pathology. With such insight, you can eliminate bottlenecks in care, better allocate resources, and build a case for becoming a center of excellence for a given pathology. 

Insight to support transformative change

Transparency into the patient flows within your hospital empowers you to:

  • Improve clinical outcomes by reducing unwanted variation in care and the risk of errors
  • Speed diagnosis and treatment times when sub-processes can run in parallel
  • Enhance the patient experience through greater consistency in professional approaches
  • Reduce costs by unlocking unused capacity and better managing resources
  • Increase job satisfaction, as staff members have increased autonomy in patient care

Applying Care Pathways Analytics is a quick and easy process done in collaboration with you.

  • We determine study parameters together with you
  • Our analytical platform runs your data to identify current patient streams
  • Together we identify the ideal patient trajectory and spot opportunities for improvement
  • We help you implement optimization projects
  • We rerun the analytics to measure the impact of your changes