Patients are talking about their health. Can you hear them?

We know that patients talk. To friends, to doctors, to fellow patients. They are discussing their treatment options, preferences, and challenges. And they are having these conversations outside the traditional healthcare setting.

Your market research gives you deep insights into your target patient population. Social listening can amplify those learnings. Learnings about which side effects actually impact behavior. About what doctors need to be talking about — and why. About the advocacy groups that actually get it. About how online behavior can uncover clues to diseases, even before the first doctor’s visit.

IQVIA’s Social Listening solution gives you the holistic, real-time insights you need to make better decisions and enable better patient outcomes.

  • Validate market research: Capture insights about your brand, a drug class or an entire therapeutic area. Measure brand sentiment, share of voice, and shifts in customer perception. Even test new ideas.
  • Reveal customer preferences: Map the patient journey, outside healthcare pathways. And understand reasons behind behavior.
  • Discover digital key opinion leaders: Beyond traditional influencers such as HCPs, identify networks that can expand traditional reputation factors.

And by leveraging the IQVIA CORE™, you can access a breadth and depth of healthcare expertise to not just capture the conversations, but to cut through the noise.

Find out how social listening can drive better outcomes.